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Saturday, August 05, 2006

The Story

Hello. I've decided to give a little idea into the story line of the novel. The following is just the highest level idea of the story and not what makes it special, so giving it away is not a problem.

The Earth is attacked by a powerful outside force that is in the process of capturing planets and placing them under the control of a being known only as the Monarch. The planet is told to surrender peacefully but we refuse and a war commences in which we are almost completely whipped out.
A hidden power on the earth is brought out from dormancy and catches the eye of the League of Planets who are the most advanced planets in the universe. They oppose the Monarch and make a deal with the humans. They save some of the remaining and exchange they fight in their armies.
But the agreement has fine print that League uses to turn humans into fast multiplying fodder for their front lines.

The fight is on as the human race looks for a hero and try to survive at all costs. Coming 2007....


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