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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Japanese Anime

Japanese Anime is one of those things that have a bit of a negative stigma attached to it, mainly because of a small group obsessive and aggressive fans. But I happen to be somewhat of a fan. Though I must admit that I don't watch that many animes I have a few really great ones. One of my favorites happens to be Last Exile.

The thing I really like about anime is that it is usually 26 episodes long and so the story teller has a chance to really develop the story, the characters and the relationships. I always like looking at anime to get that artistic feel like you get from reading a book.
In Last Exile the characters and emotion are really what I like best about it. The writer creates a massive world and makes you feel the emotions of the characters so much so that you find yourself wanting what they want and feeling their delight when a goal is achieved.

Anyway, the reason I'm mentioning all this is because I really respect writers and other artist who can make you feel real emotion through their work. Its one of the main things I strive for when writing. I often delete pages of work at a time if I don't think they meet a high standard. Things may be a bit rocky for me at the moment but I know that soon I'll be a able to feel the words and get creative again. Its only a matter of time.


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