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Monday, July 31, 2006

Website Coming Soon

Hello everyone. I am currently setting up a pathner website to host samples of my work including the deleted/partial chapter. It should be finished later today or tomorrow so stay close and I will have the address when everything is up and running. Later...

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Starting Over

Hey everyone, I made a decision to effect some major changes in the way I was writing my novel. As a result I decided to start over from the beginning. Well I've actually only written about 14 pages but it was still quite a lot.

The most major change will come in the constitution of one of the main characters - Gabriel. I'm planning to give him a whole new attitude and storyline. I'll be changing him from the reluctant assassin who was forced into his trade and changing him to a real badass who has come to terms with himself and is now the most feared assassin around. He will now be a lot more violent and heartless than before.

I will try to make the unfinished chapter available for download as soon as possible. Look out for it, along with another piece of writing that I did about a year ago.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Computer Problems

For some reason my computer chose to take a semi-permanent break from this world for a while. I'm actually blogging from my aunt's house about ten minutes away from my home. This is a real set back but I'll have to make it work.

For the moment it's difficult to write though and I'll definitely have to give it a few days rest. Too much noise here. Its really hard for me to immerse myself in writing unless the house is really really quiet.

Thursday, July 27, 2006


Welcome to my spanking new blog - A Writer's Life.
In it I will chronicle the events of my life and my feelings as I go through the process of writing my book and hopefully eventually having it published.

Throughout my school life my friends have always told me that I was a good writer and i have written many short stories and have even posted some of them on the web. In general the feedback has been very good but this is the first time that I will attempt to do anything of this magnitude. The longest work I've ever done was about 10,000 words so this will be a real step up for me. The trick I think is knowing when to expand and when to constrict on ideas in order to make the reader see and feel what you want them to see and feel. And also to keep it fresh.

I've spent the last few months hammering out and tweaking a story and characters that I think will make for a very compelling novel. The story I think is a very unique one which was for me one of the most important things before I decided to write it into a novel. The novel will be in the realm of science fiction which I think is the most appropriate genre for me due to my writing style. Horror may be something I'm also good at. But the one I chose was eventually sci fi. I'll have more about the story and my progress at a later date so stay tuned for more. Until then...

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